Build your own museum

Build your own museum


By this quote I started my final presentation at Everwise company -San Francisco in the End of October 2014 , most of people are inspired by celebrities , row models or  scientist , but its different for me , I was inspired by an online game !! , “ build your own museum “was one of my favorites when I was in the university , you have to be smart enough to choose the right antique and put it in the perfect place , adjust the walls colors  and background then add your final touches to create whole consistent museum , at the end you will  feel the achievement when you put your hand stamp and write your name on it as your Own , how great this feeling !!.

From that time I started to think of my life as a museum , the antiques are my unique skills , the  colors .. furniture.. accessories are the resources that I have , the whole space is the my life time , how I should use all of these that to live my life effectively . and I admit that working with Everwise company through  mentoring in a box “ project with my professional mentor Katy Dickinson and the team force me positively to search and read more about mentoring in comparison with our Arabs culture [ link to the videos “ mentoring in Arab culture “ , also me and Mai Timraz  from Gaza strip participated in recording  a series videos in Arabic  to help people understand what mentoring is ? ,why you should be a mentor ? how your life will change if you get the perfect mentoring ? and other aspects in mentoring , you can show the whole series  by the channel . We will continue working on this project in the future, see my first blog .

Personally, I was amazed by the real team work in Everwise , although the company  has three distributed branches in California, New York and Washington , but that was not barrier in front of  involving and participating in decision making , the three teams have  periodic meeting to discuss the current status of the company also its achievements and challenges  to draw the future plan . one of those meetings that I attended was held by female employees only to discuss their role as women to the Organization and  their community too ,that was really inspiring .

one of the most enjoyable things for me during  the work was the ” weekly mission “ , its a strong motivation words dealt by  the team via email at the beginning of each week .

Now I’m at home looking forward  to use what I learnt there in leading my team in Mutah Knowledge station and our new project New think Academy .



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