Notable Women in Computing Card Deck inspiring girls in jordan

” Women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of our contributions are remembered. Keep our history” by this strong power full words Professor Susan H. Rodger (Professor of the Practice, Duke University), Katy Dickinson (Vice President – Mentoring, Everwise), and Jessica Dickinson Goodman started this project to portray the true diversity of women in computing both current and historical, showcasing professionals from a variety of nations, backgrounds, gender identities, orientations and abilities. There are a dozen or more different groupings of notable women they could have turned into this deck as Jessica Dickinson Goodman said.

Mutah station was honored to be granted 7 free Decks to be used through the digital literacy campaign for women in Jordan, On behalf of mutah nowledge Station team , I’d like to thank those in charge this project and we are looking forward to seeing the new Editions.


you can support the project in several ways by visiting Notable Women in Computing Card Deck webpage .



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